Silver Creek, New York

A 1900 topographic map showing the Silver Creek area.

Silver Creek, New York is a town on the shores of Lake Erie in Chautauqua County.  The Lake Shore and Michigan Southern (New York Central) and Nickel Plate Railroad mainlines ran through the town. The Chautauqua Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad ran parallel to the Nickel Plate in this area.  The 1923 map below shows the location of the PRR (red) and New York Central (blue) passenger stations in town.

Nickel Plate Depot. Silver Creek, NY
New York Central Depot prior to demolition.
Famous Skew Arch Bridge. Silver Creek, NY
Double Arches at Beach Park. Silver Creek, NY
A 1912 postcard showing an interurban car in the town.


  • Photos collection of John Stewart