Brocton, New York

A 1900 topographic map showing the Brocton area

Brocton, New York is a town on the shores of Lake Erie in Chautauqua County.  The Lake Shore and Michigan Southern (New York Central) and Nickel Plate Railroad mainlines ran through the town and the Pennsylvania Railroad line from Mayville snaked into town from the south.  The 1906 map below shows the location of the Pennsylvania Railroad station at the foot of Railroad Street and the Lake Shore (top) and Nickel Plate (middle) lines.

There is a restaurant called the "Nickel Plate Depot" in Brockton that is located on Central Avenue near the railroad tracks.  I don't know if it is the original depot or is just using the name.

This circa 1920 postcard shows the Pennsylvania and Lake Shore and Michigan Southern railroad culverts.

An undated postcard shows the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern railroad culvert in Brocton.
An undated map showing Brocton and extolling it virtues as having an "unexceptionally healthful" climate.


  • Photo sources unknown.